Hy-Pro V3-100 Sectional Valve


The Hy-Pro V3-100 is a compact sectional spool valve. It is available with two-, three- and four- position spool control options and a range of spool types. The lever mechanism is a pressure die casting which totally encloses the spool for added protection. A range of optional ancillary valves are also available to match the requirements of complicated and demanding circuits.

The V3-100 is available with solenoid control, and it uses powerful yet compact 24 watt DC coils to switch the internal oil pilot to engage the main spool. A damping orifice is fitted in the pilot line to eliminate the harshness that could be usually associated with standard direct acting solenoid valves, adding a positive feel to the control system. Both manual and solenoid sections can be built into a valve assembly and the solenoid sections have the options of lever override. It uses G3/4 ports.

This valve has a fully enclosed spool, and an integral load hold check. It is suitable for open and closed centre circuits, and there is an option for marine protection.

Key technical specifications of the Hy-Pro V3-100 are as follows:

  • Maximum flow: 100 litres per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 210 – 250 bar
  • Maximum back pressure: 35 bar

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