Hydac Metal Bellows Accumulators


Hydac metal bellows accumulators are a hydropneumatic solution to pressure storage in a hydraulic system. This set up utilises an arrangement of metal bellows to separate a hydraulic fluid from a compressible gas cushion. The bellows can be either a corrugated metal arrangement, or a diaphragm bellows.
Hydac metal bellows accumulators are specialised to be versatile in their applications to hydraulic systems. They can be used to dampen the pulsations from heavy deisel engines, or within the chemical production industry. Further, in the airline industry these bellows accumulators can be used as energy storage or for volumetric compensation. Aside from the specific applications detailed here, there can be a huge number of uses for these products. They are low-maintenance and thanks to a leak free, gas-tight optimisation. Further, reliability is ensured by resistance to media-corrosion and temperature ranges up to 160 °C.

Technical specifications of the diaphragm accumulators are as follows:

  • Mamimum volume: 0.4 to 9.4 litres,
  • Maximum operating pressure: up to 350 – 800 bar

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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