HydraForce Flow Control PV08-30 Spool-Type Valve, 3-Port, Normally Closed


HydraForce PV08-30 solenoid-operated, electrically-variable, 3-port, normally closed, pressure-compensated, proportional flow control, spool-type, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valve.

It can be used as a priority-type flow regulator with pressure-compensated, regulated and bypass flow. It can also be used as a restrictive-type 2-way, pressure compensated flow regulator when the bypass line (port 2) is blocked.

The PV08-30 will regulate flow out of port 3 regardless of system working pressure. With an increasing current applied to the solenoid, output flow will increase.

Flow range performance  PV08-30A | PV08-30B


  • Excellent linearity and hysteresis characteristics
  • Hardened spool and cage for long life
  • Optional coil voltages and terminations
  • Efficient wet-armature construction

Ratings for the HydraForce PV08-30:

  • Operating pressure: Inlet: 240 bar (3500 psi); ports 2 and 3: 207 bar (3000 psi)
  • Regulated flow: bypass blocked or open, range A: 11.4 lpm (3.0 gpm); bypass blocked or open, range B: 5.7 lpm (1.5 gpm)
  • Nominal input flow: bypass open, range A: 15.2 lpm (4.0 gpm); bypass open, range B: 7.6 lpm (2.0 gpm)
  • Maximum input flow: bypass open, range A: 22.8 lpm (6.0 gpm); bypass open, range B: 22.8 lpm (6.0 gpm)
  • Internal leakage: 100 cc/min. (6 cu. in./min.) fully closed at 207 bar (3000 psi)

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