HydraForce RV10-20 Relief Valve, Cartridge Direct Acting Poppet


The HydraForce RV10-20X is a screw in, cartridge style, direct acting, poppet type, hydraulic relief valve intended for use as a pressure limiting device for common hydraulic circuit protection. It is intended for use in mineral based or synthetic (with lubricating properties) hydraulic fluids.

The RV10-20X blocks flow from port 1 to 2 until sufficient pressure is present at port 1 to force the poppet from its seat. The cartridge offers fast response to load changes in typical hydraulic circuits requiring low internal leakage.

The HydraForce RV10-20 is available in model codes including: RV10-20 | RV10-22 | RV10-26

Note that the RV10-20 can be superseded by the HydraForce RVD58-20 – their ‘best in class’ relief valve – in most applications. Considerations include:

Smaller valve with comparable pressure and flow ratings

  • Not a drop-in replacement
  • Comparable response rate
  • Better pressure rise characteristics
  • Smaller size
  • No dynamic seal
  • Competitive cost
  • Assistance is available to evaluate your application

For more information, you can download the HydraForce RV10-20 technical catalogue here.

Contact our award-winning technical team for further technical details and configuration options.

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