Hydreco A Series Gear Pumps


Hydreco A series gear pumps have aluminium bodies and are available with cast iron flanges and covers to reduce noise levels. All standard single pumps are arranged to be able to drive supplementary pumps, using coupling kits.

These pumps are available from group A1 to group A3, covering a range of 34 displacements from 0.9 cc/rev. to 120 cc/ rev. Maximum working pressure is 320 bar.

Hydrostatic balance takes up axial slack through the pressure supplied to a defined bushing area. Bearings lubrication is automatic and proportional to the pump operating pressure.

Each Hydreco A series pump can be assembled with standard flanges (European, German or SAE) as well as specialised ones (e.g. ZF, Perkins and Renault), with tapered, cylindrical or splined shafts. It is possible to assemble covers with pressure relief valves and flow control valves.

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