Italgroup W Series Motors


Single and Dual Displacement Wheel Motor

Italgroup W-series hydraulic motors are crankshaft radial piston motors combined with a single stage planetary gearbox, rear case mounting and wheel flange.

With a great variety of accessories, the W series is a complete wheel drive for open or closed circuits for use in a wide range of applications.

The Italgroup W series motors are available in displacements ranging from 180 cc/rev to 1750 cc/rev. Other features include:

  • high starting torque and low speed capability
  • maximum output torque: 8750 Nm
  • max output speed: 600 rpm
  • fixed and dual displacement
  • compact design
  • big load capacity
  • Wheel Mounting / Rear Case Mounting
  • Built-in Negative Parking Brake
  • Built-in Dynamic Drum Brake
  • Freewheeling Operation / Mechanical Disengagement

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