Italgroup Radial Piston Motors

Italgroup radial piston motors optimise the efficiencies of your rotary drive thanks to the constant torque maintained for the entire speed range, even at very low speed and starting condition.

Italgroup Radial Piston Motors are available from 20cc to 13,000cc, in single, dual and triple displacement, Italgroup motors can be supplied in combination with mechanical brakes, planetary gearboxes, flow dividers and several accessories and options including valves, speed sensors and anti-corrosion treatments.

The range comprises:

  • R8M | R8D | R8C series stellar type  – displacements ranging from 80cc to 13,000cc
  • HCD | HC series swivelling type – displacements ranging from 40cc to 2000cc
  • W | RC series wheel motors – displacements ranging from 150cc to 1750cc
  • G & GD series high-low speed type – displacements ranging from 20cc to 100cc