Kawasaki M7V Axial Piston Motors


Kawasaki M7V series variable displacement axial piston motors are for use in open and closed circuit operations. Various control options make the motor suitable for a wide range of applications including construction machinery and industrial vehicles.

M7V Model85112160212
Minimum Displacement (cm³)6890128170
Maximum Displacement (cm³)88.5112160215
Maximum Speed (rpm)6150560049004600
Nominal Pressure (Mpa / psi)40 / 5,80041 / 5,80042 / 5,8006100
Maximum Pressure (Mpa / psi)45 / 6,50045 / 6,50045 / 6,50050 / 7,200
Theoretical Output Torque (Nm)54171310191437
Power (kW)221265331436
Maximum Flow (l/min)332398496623
Mass (kg)39466390

Features include:

  • Superior performance at high and low speed: optimised rotary balance design enables high speed perfomance and excellent low speed characteristics
  • Low noise: swash plate design ensures low noise levels
  • Compact size: swash plate design provides the more compact structure and exibility in system design
  • Long bearing life

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