Maxma MAS Series Motors


The gear set of the Maxma MAS motors consists of rotor, stator and rollers; increasing motor performance and efficiency. They feature tapered roller bearing on the output shaft, which allows for the motors to sustain very high radial and axial loads. Maxma MAS motors incorporate an advanced valving design that allows the high pressure flow to be better isolated from the low pressure flow within the motor.

Available as: MAS80, MAS100, MAS125, MAS160, MAS200, MAS250, MAS315, MAS400


  • low speed, high torque (LSHT)
  • wide speed range
  • constant output torque over a wide speed range
  • favourable power-to-weight ratio
  • very smooth running, even at low speeds
  • robust design, capable of withstanding tough operating conditions.

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