MP Filtri ELIXIR SFEX Suction Filters


MP Filtri ELIXIR SFEX suction filters are lighter, easier to use and kinder to the environment. They have in-line connections and handle working pressures up to 16 bar. Flow rates are up to 100 litres/minute, female threaded connections are up to 1 1/4″, and SAE connections up to 1 5/8”.

The complete series comprises: MP Filtri ELIXIR SFEX suction filters, RFEX return filters, LFEX delivery filters with differential indicator

SFEX filters are available in 4 sizes: 060 | 080 |110 | 160. They are completely interchangeable with the previous MPS 050 | 070 | 100 | 150 series spin-on filters. Their new cast aluminium head and nylon design reduces weight by 10 per cent compared to the spin-on range.

MP Filtri SFEX filters have 0.3 bar return filter bypass valves and a new sealing system provides enhanced reliability – keeping the O-ring in line with the thread of the bowl even in heavy vibration applications.

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