MP Filtri FTU 080 Fluid Transfer Unit


The MP Filtri FTU 080 fluid transfer unit has an 80 litre reservoir and is used to fill, recirculate and empty filtered hydraulic fluids and lubrication tanks.

It can either be used to provide additional filtration to a system with high incidence of contamination, or as a standalone recirculating filtration circuit. Fluid can be cleaned to a given contamination level  – monitored by the inline contamination monitor (ICM) – prior to being transferfered to the system.

Summary technical details for the MP Filtri FTU 080 are:

  • Single phase 110v, 240v
  • 3 phase 415v
  • Supplied fitted with appropriate plug
  • Height 1210mm | width 660 mm | depth 1000mm
  • Empty weight: 200kg

Features and benefits include:

  • Electric control box
  • Indicators: LMP filter and tank level gauge with electric cut out switch
  • Nitrile seals
  • Flexible hoses: 2 metres long, suction and outlet
  • Inlet pump protection: 250 micron suction strainer – metal mesh fitted to inlet hose| 250 micron suction strainer – metal mesh fitted inside tank to pump suction line
  • Delivery filtration: LMP cartridge filter| water removal “spin-on” type | “spin-on” type
  • In-line contamination monitor (ICM) fitted

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