MP Filtri MFBX – MFB Return Filters


MP Filtri MFBX MFB bowl assembly return filters have a maximum working pressure up to 800 kPa (8 bar) and flow rate up to 500 litres/minute.

They are directly integrated in the moulded reservoir in an immersed or semi-immersed position to save space into the tank. Threaded or flanged covers can be provided. The filter output must be always immersed into the fluid to avoid aeration or foam generation into the reservoir.

The range of MP Filtri MFBX filters comprises: MFBX020 | MFBX030 | MFBX100 | MFBX180 | MFBX190

Features include:

  • Fine filtration rating
  • Bypass valve integrated into the filter element, to relieve excessive pressure drop across the filter media; opening pressure 175 kPa (1.75 bar) ±10% | opening pressure 300 kPa (3 bar) ±10%
  • Extension tube, to be used in deep reservoirs (available seperately)
  • Diffuser, to reduce the risk of aeration, foaming and noise (available seperately)
  • Seals: standard NBR, series A | optional FPM, series V
  • Temperature: from -25 °C to +110 °C

Bowl assembly materials:

  • Cover: nylon for MFBX 020-030-100 | aluminium for: MFBX 180-190
  • Bowl: nylon

Filter element materials:

  • Caps: nylon
  • Spring: spring steel

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