Parker D1VW (Denison 4D01) Directional Control Valve


The Parker D1VW valve is a high performance, solenoid operated, on/off directional control valve. It replaces the former Denison 4D01 valve. The new design provides high functional limits up to 80 litres/minute in combination with a very low, energy-saving pressure drop.

This s a wet armature design solenoid valve that is available in either 2 position or 3 position configurations. Fifteen voltage options are available including DC, DC rectified and true AC voltages. There are 9 basic termination options including DIN, Deutsch, conduit box with wires and conduit box with plug-in coils. The conduit box with plug-in coils also allows for connections including terminal strip, Manaplug (Brad Harrison) and micro connection (M12 connector).

Parker D1VW valves are available with other options such as soft shift tubes (4 orifice size options), monitor switches, extended manual over rides and surge suppression diodes. DIN connector and conduit box connections provide an IP65 (NEMA 4) ingress rating. A wide variety of spool options allows to design an unlimited number of hydraulic circuits.

Other features and benefits include:

  • 19 standard spool styles available
  • Proportional spools
  • DC surge suppression
  • Eight electrical connection options
  • AC and DC lights available
  • Internally ground
  • Easy access mounting bolts
  • Waterproof (meets NEMA 4, up to IP67 on some models)
  • ATEX rated, explosion-proof version available
  • Conforms to D03 (NG6) mounting pattern

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Parker D1VW Denison 4D01 Technical Catalogue >>>

Parker D1VW Technical Catalogue >>>

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