Parker F2 Pump – Fixed Displacement, Twin Flow


The Parker F2 pump is from the Parker hydraulic truck pump series. It is the first bent-axis truck pump on the market to feature two entirely independent flows.

F2 pumps are very efficient with a straight forward pump design; a small envelope size gives a simple and inexpensive installation. They provide circuit reliability at speeds up to 2100 rpm at 400 bar (5,000 psi) and are available in 5 sizes: 42/42 | 53/53 | 55/28 | 70/35 | 70/70 – see the technical data tab for specifications.

The main advantage with a twin-flow pump is that three different flows can be provided at the same engine speed. It is possible to operate two work functions that are independent of each other which leads to higher speed and an increased operating precision. Another option can be a large and a small flow, or two equal flows.

The Parker F2 pump can provide one flow at high system pressure, and, as soon as the pressure has decreased sufficiently, add the flow from the other circuit. This eliminates the risk of exceeding the PTO power rating and, at the same time, provides an optimal driving function.

Other benefits include:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduced risk of system overheating
  • Lower weight
  • Easier installation
  • Standardised system solutions


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Parker F2 Pumps
F2 Frame Size42/4253/5355/2870/3570/70
Displacement ( cm³/rev)
Port A4354556968
Port B4152283668
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)
Maximum Shaft Speed (rpm)
(unloaded pump; low pressure)25502550255025502550
Maximum Self-Priming Speed (rpm)
Ports A and B pressurised 18001800180018001650
Port A unloaded, pressure in port B21002100210021002100
Maximum Input Power (kW)100127100110131
Weight (kg)1919191919
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