Parker Nichols 716 Motor – Two Speed, Medium Duty


The Parker Nichols 716 Series is a two-speed gerotor motor using two separate power elements on a common shaft. An integral selector valve shifts between high torque, low speed (parallel) operation and high speed, low torque (series) mode in a ratio of 2:1.

The use of two power elements eliminates the deficiencies of traditional, single power element designs.

In the high torque mode, the motor delivers twice the torque and half the speed compared to high speed mode. The selector valve can be open or closed centre and may be actuated by an external pilot or optional solenoid valve. The open centre selector valve can be shifted while the motor shaft is rotating under load.

The selector valve is spring-loaded to return to its pilot-pressure-off position. Normal mode of operation is field changeable and can be selected as series or parallel. Pilot pressure must be 300 psi higher than motor case or outlet pressure and may be as high as typical hydraulic system operating pressure.

The Parker Nichols 716 motor has shafts up to 7/8″ nominal and is available as:

  • Series: 072 | 108 | 142 | 176 | 212 | 258
  • Parallel: 072 | 108 | 142 | 176 | 212 | 258

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Parker Nichols 716 Motor072 S 072 P108 S 108 P142 S 142 P176 S 176 P212 S 212 P258 S 258 P
Displacement (cm³/rev) 5911888177116233144288174347211423
Max speed (rev/min)898962940641716488786393653327537268
Max cont. oil flow (l/min) 42956111476114761147611468114
Max int. oil flow (l/min)531148311483114114114114114114114
Max cont. pressure (bar) 241207241207241207241172224155172138
Max int. pressure (bar)241241241241241224241190224172207155
Max supply pressure (bar)276276276276276276276276276276276276
Max cont. torque (Nm)181296278454373594470684531737502798
Max int. torque (Nm)181335278521373624470738531812601887
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