Parker TF Series – Medium Duty Clutch Motor


The Parker TF Clutch Series Torqmotor™  is a low speed, high torque orbital motor that is ideal for applications where a freewheeling output shaft is required for some part of the duty cycle.

Pressure at either work port connects the motor and shaft. With no pressure at the motor ports, the motor is separated from the output shaft which can freewheel. Pressure at either motor port couples the motor and shaft.

The motor section of the unit is separated from the output shaft/bearing package by springs. When hydraulic pressure is applied to either motor port, the springs are compressed, coupling the motor section to the output shaft/bearing package, and the unit operates as a motor. When pressure is lost at both motor ports, the motor stops rotating and the springs separate it from the output shaft/bearing package. The output shaft then can freely rotate.

The Parker TF Clutch Series motor is available in 9 sizes with displacements from 61 cc / rev to 364 cc/rev: TF0080 | TF0100 | TF0130 | TF0140 | TF0170 | TF0195 | TF0240 | TF0280 | TF0365

Features and benefits include:

  • Integral clutch for freewheeling operation
  • Intermittent pressures to 4000 psi
  • Shaft size 1 1/4″
  • Robust construction for longer life
  • Continuous oil flow across internal splines for longer life
  • Superior side load capacity
  • Smooth, extra low speed operation
  • High pressure shaft seal as standard
  • Innovative design eliminates the need for a case drain

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