Pro-E-Con PU10 Mini Hydraulic Power Packs


The Pro-E-Con PU10 series mini power packs act as a direct equivalent to the former Smiths Industries G series DC and Mk3H AC series power packs.

Manufactured here in the United Kingdom, and widely used in a diverse range of mobile and industrial settings, these mini power packs can be customised to suit your particular application.

Pro-E-Con offers a standard range of AC and DC hydraulic power packs to suit any application. This range incorporates flexible circuitry using modular and custom designed components, allowing tailoring of each assembly to meet system requirements.

In summary, key technical features of the PU10 series include:

  • Voltage: 12vDC | 24vDC | 230vAC | 400vAC
  • Power: 500W to 5.5kW
  • Pump sizes: 1.0cc/rev to 9.8cc/rev
  • Tank sizes: 1.0 litre to 90 litres
  • Pressures up to 320 bar
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 137mm centre manifold

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options on the Pro-E-Con PU10 series or to discuss custom design hydraulic power packs.






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