Hydraulic Power Packs

We design, build and supply hydraulic power packs; whether you are looking for a relatively standard unit, or a custom power pack as part of a larger hydraulic system design project.

Our standard and custom design British hydraulic power units have been supplied to customers across a vast range of industry sectors all over the world. But the most famous recipients to date would probably have to be three Concorde – read more about the projects here.

About Power Packs

Hydraulic power packs are purposely designed to complete several operations with different forces and speeds. A power unit applies pressure which enables it to drive motors, cylinders, and other corresponding components of a hydraulic system. Some of the significant factors that influence a hydraulic power unit’s performance include pressure limits, power capacity, and reservoir volume. Physical characteristics, including size, power supply, and pumping strength are also important considerations.

Please contact us if you cannot see the hydraulic power pack that you need listed below, or to discuss a custom power pack design.

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