SAI BD Series Radial Piston Motors


SAI BD series motors are dual displacement crankshaft radial piston motors with displacement ratios of: 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4. The change, from high to low displacement and vice-versa, may take place dynamically if the hydraulic circuit is capable to avoid cavitation and back pressure.

The motors can handle power supplied in torque or speed depending on the working conditions.

The sliding bearing has an extremely low friction coefficient giving a very high starting torque efficiency, and continues to achieve higher than average mechanical efficiencies both in high and low displacement modes.

The motors are capable of working at low speeds with a high degree of speed stability. The minimum stable speed depends on the displacement of the motor. Output torque remains very constant and does not fall away at very low speeds or under stall or start conditions.

SAI BD series motors are available as BD1 | BD2 | BD3 | BD5 | BD6 |  BD6A

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SAI BD3 Technical Catalogue >>>

SAI BD5 Technical Catalogue >>>

SAI BD6 Technical Catalogue >>>

SAI BD6A  Technical Catalogue >>>

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