Voith Flow Control Valves


Voith flow control valves control the volume of flow independently of the differential fluid hydraulic pressure and viscosity.

They are ideally suited for hydraulic systems with controlled actuators that perform slow, precise movements.

Valve nominal sizes are NG 6. Operating pressures are up to 250 bar, and volume flows 0.01 to 20 litres/minute. They can be adjusted by: scaled hand wheel, stepper motor with analog setpoint signal (0-10v) or stepper motor with digital ssetpoint signal (Up/Down, CAN, Profibus).

The range comprises type codes:

  • …M20-6-1.5P200-0V | Flow control valve, NG 6
  • …M20-12-1.5E200-0V | Flow control valve, BG 12
  • …MES20-6-1.5P200 | Flow control valve NG 6, stepper-motor controlled
  • …MG-6-Z200 | Rectifier for flow control valves NG 6
  • …RVM-6-Z200 | Check valve for flow control valves NG 6

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Voith flow control valves that you need – we’ll be delighted to help!

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