Voith Hydraulic Valves

Voith hydraulic valves offer high dynamics and extremely short response times and optimum control characteristics

The range includes: directional control valves, flow control valves, pressure valves, sandwich plate valves, servo valves.

Directional control valves | These valves achieve a switching time of less than 20 ms, without a booster. Furthermore, when installed with a booster, a switching time of less than 10 ms can be attained. Nominal sizes: NG 4, NG 6, NG 10 and NG 25. Maxium operating pressure 315 bar, maximum flow up to 450 litres/minute.

Flow control valves | Voith two-way flow control valves are ideally suited for hydraulic systems with controlled actuators that perform slow, precise movements. Nominal sizes: NG 6. Operating pressure up to 250 bar, volume flows  0.01 to 20 litres/minute.

Pressure valves | Voith pressure valves limit or control pressure within the hydraulic system or switch volume flows as a function of signal pressures. Four types of pressure valves are available: pressure relief valves, press-reducing valves, check valves and accumulator charging valves. Nominal sizes: NG 4 and NG 6. Maximum operating pressure up to 315 bar, maxium flow up to 30 litres/minute. Accumulator charging valves up to 315 bar and 180 litres/minute.

Sandwich plate valves | Voith sandwich plate valves are available as pressure relief valves, pressure-reducing valves and check valves. Nominal sizes NG 4, NG 6 and NG 10. Maximum operating pressure up to 315 bar and volume flow up to 150 litres/minute.

Servo valves | Voith servo valves ensure that short-stroke actuator movements are carried out flawlessly. The current actuator position is fed back using a direct mechanical linkage and consequently in real time. Volume flow up to 500 litres/ minute, maximum operating pressure 280 bar.

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