Voith IPCA Internal Gear Pumps


Voith IPCA pumps are robust and compact medium-pressure internal gear pumps for with radial and axial sealing gap compensation.

These quiet pumps offer very good pulsation behaviour, high volumetric and overall efficiency and are multi flow capable.

The pump design includes radial and axial seal compensation. When the gears rotate inside the pump, the pressurised fluid (usually hydraulic oil) is drawn into the cavity between the pinion and internal gear. Optimised cross-sectional areas on both the suction side and pressure side ensure operation over a wide range of speed.

In the radial direction, the gear chambers are closed by gear meshing and the filler piece. When in the axial direction, the axial plates seal the pressure chamber with the minimal possible gap. This design minimises volume losses and increases efficiency.

Voith IPCA pumps are available in 13 sizes with displacements from 3.6 cc/rev to 64.9 cc/rev: IPCA 3-3.5 | IPCA 3-5  | IPCA 3-6.3 | IPCAP 3-8 | IPCA 3-10 | IPCA 4-13 | IPCA 4-16 | IPCA 4-20 | IPCA 4- 25 | IPCA 4-32 | IPCA 5-40 | IPCA 5-50 | IPCA 5-64

Minimum speed across the range is 400 rpm, with maximum speeds varying from 2600 to 3600 rpm. Continuous pressures are 210 bar, with peak pressures of 250 bar.

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