Walvoil DPX160 Load-Sensing Valve


The Walvoil DPX160 is a multi-functional and compact directional valve that is suitable for medium and high-flow applications. This valve uses full flow-sharing technology making it advantageous in applications such as: small-medium sized excavators, telehandlers, drilling rigs and also agricultural or forestry machines.

Features of the DPX160 include:

  • Special inlet section with or without by-pass valve
  • Potential for manual, hydraulic or proportional electro-hydraulic controls
  • Optional spool position sensors
  • Compatible with the Walvoil electronic system range
  • Valve model for high pressure applications,
  • Valve configurations with high flow sections

Walvoil DPX160 key technical details:

  • Nominal flow rating on working ports: 160 litres/minute (42 US gallons/minute)
  • Nominal flow rating: 230 litres/minute (61 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 420 bar (6100 psi)
  • Number of sections: 10
  • Pitch: 48mm (1.89 inches)

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