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Walvoil is a world-leading manufacturer of high quality hydraulic valves and mechatronic equipment. Each product is optimised for reliability and ease of customer use, making this a brand you can rely on.

Walvoil is an Italian company that designs and manufactures hydraulic valves and systems for a wide range of applications, including mobile, industrial and marine equipment. Since 2015 the company has combined the experience and brand names of Hydro Control and Galtech within the wider Interpump Group.    

They are known for their high-quality products and innovative solutions, and have a reputation for reliability and durability. In brief, their product line includes directional control valves, flow dividers, check valves, and pressure control valves, as well as custom-designed systems and solutions. The company has been in business for over 50 years and is a global supplier of hydraulic equipment in over 70 countries, across industries including construction, agriculture, mining, and material handling. 

They aim to offer creative solutions to customer needs, addressing problems in a collaborative and innovative way making them a first-class provider of hydraulic valve equipment.

Walvoil Hydraulics

The Walvoil, Galtech and Hydrocontrol product range includes:

  • Monoblock valves: SD4, SD5, SDM100, SDM110, SD11, SD14,  SD18, SDM080, SDM081, SDM102, SDM103, SDM104, SDM122-DLM122, SDM140, DLM140, SDM143 – DLM142
  • Sectional valves: SD6 – DLS7, SDS100, SD8 – DLS8, SDS140, SDS150, SDS180 – DLS180, SD25, SDS400 | Walvoil Hydrocontrol sectional valves D9, D3M, DVS10, D4, DVS14, D6, D16, DVS16, D12, DVS20, D20, D25, D40 | Walvoil Galtech sectional valves Q30, Q50, GSV50, Q80, Q130, Q160
  • Pressure pre-compensated load-sensing and flow-sharing valves: DPC series – DPC130, DPC130X, DPC200 | DPX series –  DPX050, DPX100, DPX160 | Hydrocontrol EX series – EX38, EX46, EX54, EX72
  • Lever operated hydraulic joysticks: SVM320, SVM103, SVM100 – SVM101, SVM400, SVM400EMD, SVM405, SVM980, SVM430, SVM150, SVM450 and SVM 600 | Hydrocontrol RCM, RCB, RCX, RCY, RCL and RCL3 series
  • Pedal operated hydraulic control valves: SVM510, SVM520 – SVM521, SVM500, SVM540 | Hydrocontrol RCP, RCF, RCD, RCS, RCT
  • Hydraulic control valves with multi operation: SVM701 – SVM710 and Hydrocontrol RCV series
  • Diverter valves: DH – DHZ series | DF series: DF5, DFC050, DF10, DFC100, DF20, DF25 |  DFE series: DFE085, DFE052, DFE10, DFE20, DFE110, DFE141 | DFE250 and DF350 | DFE080, DFE100, DFE140

Please contact us for further technical guidance or if you cannot see the valves and controls that you need listed below – we’ll be happy to help!

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