Walvoil is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems.

Walvoil hydraulics designs and develops products and systems for nearly any hydraulic function. The company deals with machine movement including: mobile equipment, agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, construction and earth moving machines. And moreover lifting and transport equipment.

In brief, the Walvoil hydraulics range comprises: monoblock valves, sectional valves, pre-compensated load-sensing and flow-sharing valves, pilot control valves and diverter valves.

Walvoil SD5, SD11 and SD18 monoblock valves are featured in our catalogue below. Click on the following links for more information on Walvoil:

  • Monoblock valves: SD4, SD5, SDM100, SDM110, SD11, SD14,  SD18, SDM080, SDM081, SDM102, SDM103, SDM104, SDM122-DLM122, SDM140, DLM140, SDM143 – DLM142
  • Sectional valves: SD6 – DLS7, SDS100, SD8 – DLS8, SDS140, SDS150, SDS180 – DLS180, SD25, SDS400 | Walvoil Hydrocontrol sectional valves D9, D3M, DVS10, D4, DVS14, D6, D16, DVS16, D12, DVS20, D20, D25, D40 | Walvoil Galtech sectional valves Q30, Q50, GSV50, Q80, Q130, Q160
  • Pressure pre-compensated load-sensing and flow-sharing valves: DPC series – DPC130, DPC130X, DPC200 | DPX series –  DPX050, DPX100, DPX160 | Hydrocontrol EX series – EX38, EX46, EX54, EX72
  • Lever operated hydraulic joysticks: SVM320, SVM103, SVM100 – SVM101, SVM400, SVM400EMD, SVM405, SVM980, SVM430, SVM150, SVM450 and SVM 600 | Hydrocontrol RCM, RCB, RCX, RCY, RCL and RCL3 series
  • Pedal operated hydraulic control valves: SVM510, SVM520 – SVM521, SVM500, SVM540 | Hydrocontrol RCP, RCF, RCD, RCS, RCT
  • Hydraulic control valves with multi operation: SVM701 – SVM710 and Hydrocontrol RCV series
  • Diverter valves: DH – DHZ series | DF series: DF5, DFC050, DF10, DFC100, DF20, DF25 |  DFE series: DFE085, DFE052, DFE10, DFE20, DFE110, DFE141 | DFE250 and DF350 | DFE080, DFE100, DFE140

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