Walvoil SD11 Monoblock Valves


The Walvoil SD11 is a simple, compact and heavy-duty valve for open-centre and closed-centre hydraulic systems. This valve is normally used on travelling and tilting vehicles, conveyors, and in auxiliary services for cranes, waste compactors and vehicle transporters.

The SD11 can be configured in one‑section execution where carry‑over and closed-centre circuits are not required (SD11/1‑N). Up to six sections are possible: SD11/1, SD11/2, SD11/3, SD11/4, SD11/5, SD11/6.

Features of the SD11 include:

  • Type “S” free flow gallery
  • Single check valve
  • Available with parallel or series circuits
  • Potential for manual, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic controls
  • Optional carry-over port (only on a parallel circuit)
  • Fitted with a main pressure relief valve and a load check valve
  • 20 mm (0.79 inch) diameter interchangeable spools

Key technical details:

  • Nominal flow rating: 70 litres/minute (18 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 315 bar (4600 psi)
  • Pitch: 45mm (1.77 inches)

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