Walvoil SVM430 Lever-Operated Joystick


The Walvoil SVM430 is a lever-operated hydraulic joystick designed for hydrostatic transmission applications. This valve series can be utilised with a safety solenoid valve and auxiliary port connected with working ports at maximum pressure. It is configured with five pressure gauges providing an additional output signal when in use.

This valve can be configured in a number of ways:

  • Standard configuration (SVM430)
  • Additional safety solenoid valve (SVM431)
  • Additional safety solenoid valve and auxiliary under safety port (SVM432)
Features of the SVM430 include:
  • Single and double function
  • Special configuration for hydrostatic transmission
  • Wide range of handles available
  • Product type: Lever operation
  • Number of ports: 4
  • Maximum flow rating: 20 litres/minute (5.2 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 100 bar (1450 psi)

Download the Walvoil Serie SVM430 series data sheet >>>

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