Walvoil Hydraulic Remote Controls

The portfolio of Walvoil hydraulic remote controls offers lever type, joystick operation, electromagnetic detent, single or double pedal, handwheel or pusher type controls…

With nominal flow ratings ranging from 12 to 20 litres/minute (3.2 to 5.28 US gallons) and maximum pressure from 40 to 100 bar (58 to 1450 psi) the full range comprises:

  • Walvoil lever operated hydraulic joysticks: SVM320, SVM103, SVM100 – SVM101 (sectional), SVM400, SVM400EMD (with hydraulic electromagnetic detent), SVM405, SVM980 (with differential area), SVM430 (for hydrostatic transmissions), SVM150 (sectional with hydraulic electromagnetic detent), SVM450 and SVM 600 (both with electromagnetic detent)
  • Pedal operated hydraulic control valves: SVM510, SVM520 – SVM521, SVM500, SVM540
  • Wavoil hydraulic control valves with multi operation: SVM701 – SVM710
  • Walvoil Hydrocontrol lever operated hydraulic joysticks: RCM (sectional), RCB, RCX, RCY, the RCL and RCL3 series (with hydraulic electromagnetic detent)
  • Walvoil Hydrocontrol pedal operated hydraulic control valves: RCP, RCF, RCD, RCS, RCT
  • Wavoil Hydrocontrol hydraulic control valves with multi operation: RCV

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options or if you cannot see the Walvoil hydraulic remote controls that you need listed – we’ll be delighted to help!