Wandfluh Flow Valves


Wandfluh flow valves are available as throttle valves, flow restrictor valves and flow control valves, pressure compensating valves and fast approach-fine feed valves.

They are of flange-, sandwich- and cartridge construction and have manual actuation. Maximum pressures are up to 350 bar and volume flows up to 100 litres/minute.

Other features of Wandfluh flow valves inlcude:

  • Nominal sizes NG3-Mini, NG4-Mini, NG6 and NG10;
  • Screw-in cartridges: M18x1.5, M22x1.5 and M33x2;
  • 2-way and 3-way flow control valves;
  • Manual versions with knob-, key- and locking knob adjustment.

The range comprises:

  • Throttle valves: DN-PM18 | DN-PM18-K9 | DNIPM18 | DNIPM22 | DNIPM33 | DN-SA03 | BDR-4 | ADR-6 | ADR-10
  • Throttle non-return valves: DR-PM18 | DR-SA03 | BURD-4 | AURD-6 | AURD-10
  • Flow control valves: QA-PM18 | QRSPM22 | QZ-PM22 | QD-PM22 | QZ-PM33 | QD-PM33 | QA-SA03 | QZ-A04 | QZ-A06 | QD-A06 | QZ-10 | QD-A10
  • Pressure compensated valves: U-FPM22 | U-FPM33 | U-FSA04 | U-FSA06 | U-FSA10
  • Fine feed / fast approach unit: VQ-SA04 | VQ-SA064 | VQ-SA10

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Wandfluh flow valves that you need – we’ll be delighted to help!

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