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    Italgroup HCD Radial Piston Motors

    Italgroup HCD series

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    Reap the benefits of the Italgroup (HCD) high pressure hydraulic motor

    The Italgroup has produced state-of-the-art radial piston hydraulic motors and radial piston flow dividers for more than 30 years from their base in Modena, Italy. In this article we take a closer look at an important milestone in Italgroup’s innovation timeline; the 2016 launch of the Italgroup HCD Radial Piston motor series.

    The source for innovation

    Pioneering innovation and problem solving has been a part of Italgroup’s mission, ever since Luciano Ghiaroni founded the company in 1985. In essence, the high-performance HCD radial piston motor is a solution to tackle the unwieldly process of reaching low rotational motor speeds. Italgroup HCD radial piston motor

    Before the launch, or in the absence of the HCD series, low rotational speed on medium-high torque drives is normally reached by adding several planetary reduction stages between the hydraulic motor and load.  In average 2 – 4 stages are required to reach speeds below 5 rpm. Each gear reduces the transmission’s mechanical efficiency by approximately 3%. Resulting in mechanical losses of up to 10-12% for the duration of the application life cycle.

    The solution

    In summary, the Italgroup has produced a highly optimised drive unit with a wide range of brakes and overhung load adapters and valves. And as a result, unnecessary mechanical transmission losses and the need for high reduction ratios are eliminated.

    HCD is a high-performance radial piston hydraulic motor capable of work up to 450 bar in a wide speed range. Its innovative swivelling cylinder system (patented by Italgroup) grants high efficiencies and flat torque curves from 0 to 2000 rpm. In other words, it is perfect for transmissions needing high efficiency and fine drive control.

    The HCD’s wide displacement range (from 40cc to 1600cc) and low speed capability considerably reduce any mechanical transmission losses. Or, in some instances, leads to direct drive mode with no mechanical reductions between motor and load.

    The Italgroup HCD motor – a multitude of benefits

    There are a multitude of benefits to the transmission and the system as a whole:

    • High starting torque leads to lower pressure peaks during transients and reduced strain on the pump and other hydraulic components;
    • Higher mechanical efficiencies, means that the primary engine can be downsized. Above all, this can lead to significant energy savings;
    • Lower speeds mean that the oil cooler can be downsized. This in turn, leads to reduced heat generation and lower noise and vibration levels.

    The great variety of accessories for the HCD series, furthermore means that the motors can be used in a wide range of applications. For instance these include: marine and offshore equipment, winches, injection moulding machines, steel bending machines, fork lifts trucks, dumpers, agricultural and forestry machines.

    If you want to know more about Italgroup’s high efficiency solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You an also find more details of the Italgroup HCD Series Motors in our online catalogue.

    Winch drive with Italgroup HCD motor
    Trencher with Italgroup HCD motor
    Stump grinder with Italgroup HCD motor
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