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    Hydraulics Glossary – I

    Incapable of being mixed without separation of phases.

    The combination of AC and DC resistance in a circuit measured in ohms.

    An application of force in such a way that sudden strain or movement is produced, e.g. hydraulic pressure applied in a hose.

    An additive that improves the performance of a petroleum product through the control of undesirable chemical reactions.

    A material that blocks the flow of current which is used for a short circuit and shock prevention.

    A passage at a component’s inlet port, normally at the inlet port of a pump.

    Hydraulic components that convert the low pressure from a large linear actuator into high pressure in a small linear actuator. Intensifiers are usually two different-sized hydraulic cylinders connected by a common piston. Also called a booster.

    The ability of a quick-action coupling half from one hydraulic manufacturer to fit and function with a mating half from another hydraulic manufacturer without assurance of equal pressure containment rating or performance.

    That portion of the male tip (nipple) half that establishes and controls interchangeability.