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    Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

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    So, we think we know why you’re here… You’re looking for welded hydraulic cylinders, right?

    Well, whether you are looking for a relatively “standard”, or completely bespoke welded hydraulic cylinders, you can rest assured knowing that, with over 75 years’ technical experience and our ISO 9001 accreditation under our belt, you’ll be in safe hands. And if you know exactly what you need then that’s great. But if, like the majority of our customers, you need some guidance, then that suits us too.

    Whilst tie rod cylinders can be used in a range of applications, welded hydraulic cylinders have more advantageous benefits to a hydraulic system; tending to have a short overall length and a narrow body, welded hydraulic cylinders can sit comfortably in tight spaces within machinery. These cylinders can be easily customised and are also less likely to experience failure, thanks to the tie rod stretch at high pressures and long strokes.

    Welded Hydraulic CylindersApplications that use welded hydraulic cylinders typically include construction apparatus (excavators, bulldozers and road grader) and material handling equipment (forklift trucks, telehandlers and lift-gates); cranes, oil rigs and large off-road vehicles are also common examples of other applications.

    The standard range of welded hydraulic cylinders (provided by hydraulic companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Hydac and Eaton Vickers) usually offer the following features:

    • Piston Rod Construction: The piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder functions both inside and outside the barrel, therefore also functions both in and out of the hydraulic fluid and surrounding atmosphere;
    • Metallic Coatings: It’s necessary to have smooth and hard surfaces on the external diameter of the piston rod and slide rings for proper sealing. Corrosion resistance is also beneficial – a chromium layer may often be useful on the external surfaces of these parts, though chromium layers may be porous, and could attract moisture and ultimately cause oxidation. In harsh marine circumstances, the steel is therefore frequently treated with both a nickel layer and a chromium layer – often 40 to 150 micrometre thick layers are applied. Solid stainless steel rods are occasionally used: high quality stainless steel such as AISI 316 can be used for low pressure applications while other stainless steels such as AISI 431 can be used where applications have higher stresses, but lower corrosion problems.
    • Ceramic Coatings: Because of the inadequacies of metallic materials, ceramic coatings were advanced. Initially ceramic protection schemes seemed ideal, but porosity was higher than projected. Recently, the corrosion resistant semi ceramic Lunac 2+ coatings were introduced. These hard coatings are non-porous and don’t tend to experience high brittleness.
    • Lengths: Typically, piston rods are available in lengths which are cut to suit the application. As the common rods have a soft or mild steel core, the ends can be welded or machined for a screw thread.

    Hydraulics Online has widespread, competitive access to quality, welded hydraulic cylinder manufacturers worldwide. The key word is quality. Our ISO 9001 accreditation is your guarantee that we will never compromise on quality, nor make promises that we can’t keep. Aside from obvious routine servicing and maintenance, we want you to be able to “fit and forget” any equipment we supply.

    Introducing our standard range of welded hydraulic cylinders…

    Weleded hydraulic cylindersOur range of welded hydraulic cylinders (pictured) have significant internal bearing lengths reflected in their design, and are constructed with high quality materials together with proven seal types and a choice of sealing systems and materials. Also available is an end of stroke cushioning, for either or both ends of stroke. All of our welded hydraulic cylinders can be supplied with: internal full displacement positional transducers, end of stroke sensors and control valve packages – valves built directly into the cylinder endcap or manifolded onto the cylinder.

    Maybe you’re looking for something completely bespoke – welded hydraulic cylinders designed and built so suit your exact requirements…

    Whether you simply need a “one-off” or are looking for regular, reliable supplies at volume, we can  provide custom-made welded hydraulic cylinders to suit your specific application, requirements and operating parameters. As long as you know what your end goal is, then we have the hydraulic cylinder design and wider systems expertise to help you achieve it. There’s no minimum order quantity, so if you only need one hydraulic cylinder making that’s fine. Even if your ideas are still on the drawing board our technical team can provide you with an upfront design and outline prices, and then support you through final production and beyond into “business as usual” activities and production.

    You can find our bespoke hydraulic cylinder design form here.

    To give you a quick example…

    Bespoke Welded Hydraulic CylindersA new overseas customer, a prominent product design and manufacturing company within the renewable energy industry, contacted the Hydraulics Online technical team needing assistance with a new product development venture. They had used a tie-rod cylinder within one of their product designs previously and wanted to sample a welded construction hydraulic cylinder instead. The customer ordered 6 of these cylinders which were dispatched next day.

    “We placed our first order with you on Thursday of last week. I received a proforma which was paid by us on Friday. The order was delivered direct to our customer by you on Monday… Very good, efficient service!”

    I searched for ages to find the right size hydraulic cylinder and you guys came up trumps. Excellent service… really helpful.

    In the relatively short time that we have been dealing with Hydraulics Online they have become our first choice hydraulic supplier. Their prices are competitive, deliveries on time and advice given honest and fair. We would not hesitate to recommend Hydraulics Online to anyone needing hydraulic spares or advice in this field.

    Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.

    If you’re still not convinced that we’re the right welded hydraulic cylinder supplier for you then there are plenty more examples scattered throughout our library of cases studies and testimonials. We hope to hear from you soon.