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    Hydac Directional Valves

    Hydac Directional Valves

    Hydac directional valves…

    Hydac ValvesHydac directional valves affect the path of a flowing medium whether acting as block, a permit or a divider, while providing a secure, leakage free connection. Hydac provide a diverse range of solenoid, hydraulic and manually-operated directional valves:

    Solenoid 2/2 directional poppet valves: WS06Z, WS06Y, WS06Y-30, WS06ZR, WS06YR, WS08Z, WS08Z-30, WS08Z-01J, WS08Z-01E, WS10Z, WS12Z, WS16Z, WSM06020Z, WSM06020Z-01J, WSM10120Z, WSM12120Z, WS08ZR, WS08ZR-01E, WS08ZR-01J, WS10ZR, WS12ZR, WS16ZR, WSM06020ZR, WSM06020ZR-01J, WSM10120ZR, WSM12120ZR, WS08Y, WS10Y, WS12Y, WS16Y, WSM06020Y, WSM10120Y, WSM12120Y, WS08YR, WS10YR, WS12YR, WS16YR, WSM06020YR, WSM10120YR, WSM12120YR, WS08W, WS08W-30, WS10W, WSM06020W, WSM06020W-61, WSM12120W, WSM12120W-01E, WSM16520W, WSM20121W, WS08V, WSM06020V, WSM12120V, WSM16520V, WSM20121V and WS08BR-31.

    Solenoid 3/2 directional poppet valves: WS08C, WSM03230C, WSM08130C, WS08D, WS08D-51, WSM03230D and WSM08130D.

    Solenoid 2/2 directional spool valves: WK06V, WK06W, WK08W, WK10W, WK08V and WK10V.

    Solenoid 3/2 directional spool valves: WK07L, WK08L, WK10L, WK08C, WK10C, WKM08130C, WK08D, WK08D-13, WK10D, WKM08130D, WKM08130D-13, WK06C and WKC05S30C.

    Solenoid 4/2 directional spool valves: WK06N, WK06Y, WK08Y, WK10Y, WKM08140Y, WK08X, WK10X, WKM08140X, WK08A, WK10A, WK08Z, WK10Z, WK08K, WK10K, WK08P, WK10P, WK08R, WK10R, WKM08140EB, WK10N, 4WE6D, 4WE6EA, 4WE6EB, 4WE6HA, 4WE6GA, 4WE6JA, 4WE6QA, 4WE10D4, WE10EA, 4WE10GA, 4WE10HA, 4WE10JA, 4WE10QA, 4WE6JB4WE10Y, 4WE6QA, 4WE6JA, 4WE6D-OF, 4WE6C, 4WE6Y, 4WE10D-OF and 4WEW 4/2.

    Solenoid 4/3 directional spool valves: WK06E, WK10E, WK06G, WK10G, Wk06H, WK10H, WK06J, WK10J, 4WE6E, 4WE6G, 4WE6H, 4WE6J, 4WE6M, 4WE6Q, 4WE10E, 4WE10G, 4WE10H, 4WE10J, 4WE10Q, 4WEHI10, 4WEHI16, 4WEHI25, 4WEHI32 and 4WEW 4/3.

    Hydraulically-actuated directional spool valves: WKH05330, WKH10C-01, WKH10DC-01, WKH10V/14, WKH10W/14-1, 4WHE10, 4WHE16, 4WHE25 and 4WHE32.

    Manually-operated directional valves: WS08WM, WSM06020WM, WK08C_M, 4WMH6 and 4WMH10.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of directional valve you need; our experienced team can help determine the one that will be best suited to your application.