Danfoss T-Series Orbital Motors

Danfoss T-series orbital motors are an excellent choice for the propel and work functions on many applications

The Danfoss T series has a pressure capability of up to 350 bar (5,080 psi) and offers high starting torque. This gives the T-series an energy-efficient operating capacity even in the toughest working environments. These motors are built to handle high pressures, thin oil and even frequent reversals – at low, medium or speeds.

The Danfoss T-series product range comprises: TMK | TMT | TMTHW | TMVW coded motors. 

The T-series has a number of features and benefits compared to their competition. The motors have an integrated speed sensor and brake, allowing for off-the-shelf controllability and safety. Further, the design is optimised for low leakage and reduced fuel consumption in order to maximise operating efficiency for the end user. 

These motors also feature a special cardan shaft design with a high bearing capacity for robust tolerance in extreme applications. The shaft also has a dust penetration prevention seal to protect internal operation from wear and contamination. Bearing capacity can also be optimally utilised via the special mounting flange on wheel motors when necessary.

End-user integration has been optimised with a bearing-free design available for shorter motors, allowing compact integration into any necessary application. The integrated flushing valve also saves space whilst allowing for continuous cooling and oil renewal in a closed circuit. 

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