Hawe Hydraulic Accumulators

Hawe hydraulic accumulators: miniature, diaphragm and piston-type accumulators…

Hawe AC series accumulators

Hawe AC series diaphragm accumulators are available in: AC, AC (mini) and ACS (mini) versions.

The miniature accumulators, with a capacity of 0.013 dm3 and 0.040 dm3, are used for applications including: clamping hydraulics for volume compensation in the event of temperature fluctuations; covering possible oil losses due to leakage or oscillation damping of functional parts activated by pressure difference.

The bigger diaphragm accumulators have capacity of up to 3.5 dm3 and are primarily used as a source of pressure oil for supporting/increasing the pump delivery flow and storing pressure energy; to achieve an accumulator charging circuit, for example. Various fittings enable the integration of a hydraulic system in different installation positions and at different installation points.

Hawe HPS accumulators

In many mobile and stationary applications, a modern hydraulic system includes reliable and powerful hydraulic accumulators. They are especially useful when energy is to be stored, pressure surges are to be damped, leakage is to be compensated or high flows are to be delivered in a short time.

There is usually no faster or easier solution to do so than with a piston-type accumulator. The freely moving piston separates the compressible gas cushion and the hydraulic fluid. High-quality and thoroughly tested piston sealings guarantee a reliable separation of gas and oil even under extreme conditions. To enable any arrangement of the piston-type accumulator, the accumulators are available with the appropriate mounting clips.

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