Bosch Rexroth Oil Control Insert Valves

Bosch Rexoth Oil Control insert valves are available as relief valves, flow control valves and check type valves.

The full model range of Oil Control insert valves comprises:

  • Direct-acting poppet type: VSA1.050
  • Direct-acting and anti-cavitation function: VMA1.025 | VMA1.050 | VMA1.060 | VMA1.080 | VMA1.130 | VMA1.180 | VRA1.025 | VRA1.050 | VRA1.060 | VRA1.080
Flow Control
  • 2-way pressure compensated partially adj: VCD1
  • 2-way pressure compensated, fixed setting: IFC2 | SFC1
  • Hose burst: VPN1
  • Restrictor with reverse flow check: GSU1
  • Poppet type: VUH1 | VUM1.025 | VUM1.025 | VUM1.060

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Bosch Rexroth Oil Control insert valve that you need listed – our award-winning team will still be able to help!