Parker Radial Piston Motors

Parker radial piston motors includes high-torque, fixed displacement hydraulic motors that provide high mechanical efficiency and starting torque and feature advanced low-friction and wear technology.

Formerly made under the Denison Calzoni name before they joined the Parker Group, the range comprises:

  • MR | MRE Series: with fixed displacements from 33 cc/rev to 9000 cc/rev
  • MRD | MRE Series: dual displacement displacements from 300 cc/rev to 8,200 cc/rev
  • MRV | MRVE Series: variable displacements from 450 cc/rev to 8,200 cc/rev
  • MRT | MRTE | MRTF Series: large displacements from 7,100 cc/rev to 23,033 cc/rev.

Parker Distributor Keep it Real

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