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    Parker Denison Calzoni MR Series Radial Piston Motors

    Parker Denison Calzoni MR Series Radial Piston Motors


    Parker MR series radial piston motors deliver high mechanical and volumetric efficiency over a wide range of speed and torque. They are highly customisable and suitable for a wide range of applications including: winches, wheel drives, shredders and recycling equipment, mooring (constant tensioning) and steerable thrusters.

    These motors were formerly made under under the Denison Calzoni name before they became part of the Parker Group. Further information can be found on the ‘Technical Details’ tab, but in summary the full Parker MR range comprises:

    • MR | MRE Series: small displacement radial piston motors with fixed displacements from 33cc/rev to 9000cc/rev
    • MRD | MRE Series: dual displacement radial piston motors with displacements from 300cc/rev to 8,200cc/rev
    • MRV | MRVE Series: variable displacement radial piston motors with displacements from 450cc/rev to 8,200cc/rev
    • MRT | MRTE | MRTF Series: large displacement radial piston motors with displacements from 7,100cc/rev to 23,033cc/rev.

    ATEX versions are also available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Directive 94/9/EC).

    Other typical characteristics of MR motors are:

    • Smooth rotation at very low speed (minimum speed, 0.5 – 1 rpm)
    • High power to weight ratio
    • High volumetric and mechanical efficiency
    • High resistance to thermal shock
    • Very low operating noise levels
    • Suitable for fire-resistant and biologically degradable fluids
    • Extremely well suited for control engineering applications
    • Reversible operation (motor and pump)
    • Full range of parking brakes
    • Wide range of operating temperatures

    Parker Calzoni MR radial piston motors can also be directly interchanged with Italgroup motors.

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

    Download the:

    Parker Calzoni MR MRE Series Technical Catalogue >>>

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