Roquet started trading in Spain in the late 1940’s. The first hydraulic product was a machine for producing pasta!

Now with a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide, Roquet hydraulics provides quality hydraulic components mainly for mobile applications.

The Roquet hydraulics product range includes: gear pumps, hydraulic cylinders, control valves, power units and gate operators. Above all, the products are used in applications such as the construction of: agricultural machinery, trucks, machine tools, civil work and renewable energies.

The majority of Roquet cylinders have case-hardened rods with extremely high corrosion resistance making then suitable for arduous applications. Tubes are honed after welding ports, which contributes to long seal life and makes piston-over-port damping an option.

Roquet’s aluminium and cast-iron bodied gear pumps and motors range from 0.33-150 cc/rev. All covers are cast-iron, which reduces noise, increases life and makes possible in-built valves for speed control, etc. Roquet has an anechoic chamber where the Roquet gear profile is optimized for lower noise levels.

Roquet offers the following pumps: M series gear pumps, L0 series gear pumps, L series gear pumps, PLA series gear pumps, PLC series gear pumps, PNA series gear pumps and PNC gear pumps.

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