Walvoil Diverter Valves

Walvoil diverter valves are complementary to the directional control valves when a sequence of operations, safety operations and/or an actuator selection are needed…

The range comprises:

  • DH – DHZ Series: 3- to 8-way mechanical rotating spool control diverter valve for maximum pressures of 315 bar and flows of 280 litres/minute
  • DF Series: DF5 | DFC050 | DF10 | DFC100 | DF20 | DF25 monoblock hydraulic diverter valve series with mechanical spool control. The DFC configuration is suitable for any environment condition and heavy duty applications.
  • DFE Series: Monoblock hydraulic diverter valve series with solenoid spool control. Different configurations and voltage are available across the range: DFE085 | DFE052 | DFE10 | DFE20 | DFE110 | DFE141
  • DF250 and DF350 hydraulic spool control monoblock diverter valves
  • DFE080 | DFE100 | DFE140 stackable spool control sectional 6- to 10-way diverter valves.

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options or if you cannot see the Walvoil diverter valves that you need listed – we’ll be delighted to help!