Argo Hytos GP2 Gear Pump


Argo Hytos GP2 gear pumps are high strength external gear pumps with axial play compensation. The flange and cover are made of cast iron, the body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

The GP1 series is available in 11 displacements from 4 cc/rev to 31 cc/rev: GP2 4 | GP2 5 | GP2 6 | GP2 8 | GP2 10 | GP2 12 | GP2 16 | GP2 20 | GP2 22 | GP2 25 | GP2 31

Across the range, the maximum continuous pressure is 280 bar and peak pressure is 310 bar. Minimum speed is 500 rpm, maximum is 4000 rpm.

These pumps have a volumetric efficiency of up to 98% and use a 12-tooth gear to ensure a low level of noise.

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