Argo-Hytos Pumps

Argo-Hytos pumps are available in two series suitable for normal and higher operating pressures.

The Lightline range is designed for one direction of rotation, while all other external gear pumps can be operated in alternating directions of rotation. All Argo-Hytos pumps have an axial clearance compensation that allows for a high volumetric efficiency and a long operational lifespan.

The features and benefits include: high quality aluminium constriction facilitating maximised operational reliability and long service life. Dependability is also improved by axial play compensation and reduced internal resistance – which also helps to cut noise output across the range. The resulting high volumetric efficiency of up to 96% – 98 % decreases operational costs. These pumps are suitable for standard international flanges as per: SAE, ISO, DIN, GHOST.

The external gear pump range is split into Lightline and high-performance models. The line-ups comprise: GP0L | GP1L | GP2L | GP3L and GP1 | GP2 | GP3  respectively.

Please contact us for technical advice and configuration options on Argo-Hytos pumps – we’ll be delighted to help!