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    Atlantic Fluid Tech Flow Control Valves

    Atlantic Fluid Tech Flow Control Valves


    Atlantic Fluid Tech flow control valves have rated flows from 10 to 400 litres/minute, maximum pressure rating of 210 to 350 bar and cartridge, in-line, insert or sleeve installation.

    The range comprises:

    • Disk type, double mounting: CFFN-015-MFSR | CFFN-030-MFSR | CFFN-070-MFSR
    • Poppet type: CDFN-010-PSNC
    • Not compensated: CFSN-040-MHRR | CFSN-040-BHRR | CFSN-070-BHRR
    • Hose burst valve: CFHN-030-MHST | CFHN-050-MHST | CFHN-070-MHST | CFHN-170-MHST | CFHN-230-MHST
    • 2-way, compensated: CFST-010-MDST | CFST-025-MDST | CFST-070-MDST | CFST-150-MDST | MFST-030-RVTR-30 | MFST-055-RVTR-55 | MFST-090-RPZR | MFST-090-RVTR-90 | MFST-190-RVTR-19
    • 3-way combination: CFCT-060-MHRR | CFPT-140-MVRR
    • 2-way compensated with check valve: MFST-055-VVTR
    • 3-way, compensated: MFCT-055-RVTR-30 | MFCT-090-RVTR-55 | MFCT-090-RPZR | MFCT-150-RVTR-90 | MFCT-280-RVTR-19 | MFCT-090-RVTN
    • Pressure-compensated, priority flow regulator: MFPT-090-RVTR | MFPT-100-RHAR | MFPT-200-RHAR | MFPT-300-RHAR | MFPT-100-MHAR | MFPT-200-MHAR | MFPT-300-MHAR | MFPT-400-MHAR | MFTT-100-MHAR | MFTT-200-MHAR | MFTT-300-MHAR
    • 3-way compensated, check valve: MFCT-090-VPZR
    • 3-way compensated, relief valve: MFCT-090-LPZR | MFCT-150-LHTR T
    • 3-way compensated, bypass check valve: MFCT-090-TPZR
    • 3-way with relief valve and electric unloading: MFCT-090-MPTR | MFCT-280-MVTR
    • Solenoid operated: BPNN-025-LLEU
    • Proportional valve, compensated: MFCZ-040-LSLR | MFCZ-030-LSLR | MFCZ-020-LSLR | MFPC-140-AMLR | MFPC-140-LMLR | MFPC-140-TMLR | MFPC-200-MMAR

    Download the full technical catalogue here >>>

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options across the range of Atlantic Fluid Tech flow control valves.

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