Atlantic Fluid Tech Proportional Cartridges


Atlantic Fluid Tech proportional cartridges have rated flows from 5 to 500 litres/minute, maximum pressure rating of 50 to 350 bar and cartridge installation.

The range comprises:

  • Proportional, direct operated, pressure reducing: CECS-005-PRPN
  • Proportional, pilot operated, reducing and relieving: CECT-080-PRPS
  • Proportional, poppet type relief: CEBD-005-PLPS
  • Proportional, pilot operated, relieving: CEBT-120-PLPS | CEBT-120-PMPS | CEBT-300-PLPS | CEBT-500-PLPS
  • Proportional, non-compensated, flow regulator: CECS-020-FSPS | CECS-030-FSPS | CECS-040-FSPS
  • Proportional, direct operated, flow regulator: CECS-140-FRPV
  • Proportional, non compensated, normally closed: CEBP-070-NCPN
  • Proportional, normally closed: CEBS-020-PEPS
  • Proportional electronic controller: ELPC-030-SCCB

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Contact us for further technical details and configuration options across the range of Atlantic Fluid Tech proportional cartridges.

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