Atlantic Fluid Tech Shuttle and Logic Elements


Atlantic Fluid Tech shuttle and logic elements have rated flows from 5 to 500 litres/minute, maximum pressures of 350 bar and are for cartridge installation.

The range comprises:

  • Shuttle: CDSN-005-SSNS | CDSN-030-SSNS | MDSN-050-SSNR
  • Direct acting, manually operated: CDML-040-LBVD
  • Direct acting, spool type: CDLN-040-CCTC | CDLN-040-CCTE | CDLN-040-CCVC | CDLN-040-CCVE | CDLC-150-CCTB | CDLN-040-CDTK | CDLN-040-CDTH | CDLN-040-CDPB | CDLN-120-CDPB
  • Normally closed, spool type: CDLN-100-SCPC | CDLN-160-SCTC | CDLN-300-SCTC | CDLN-500-SCTC

Download the full technical catalogue here >>>

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options across the range of Atlantic Fluid Tech shuttle and logic elements.

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