Atlantic Fluid Tech Winch, Motor and Actuator Valves


Atlantic Fluid Tech winch, motor and actuator valves have rated flows from 30 to 500 litres/minute, maximum pressures from 210 to 500 bar and flanged or in-line installation.

The range comprises:

  • Double antishock: MADN-030-TLNR | MADN-080-TLNR
  • Double antishock, for SD OMP-OMR: MADN-030-TBNR
  • Dual cross over and anticavitation relief: MADN-040-LLNR | MADN-080-LLNR
  • Counterbalance, dual acting: MBDN-055-GLNR
  • Counterbalance, dual acting, with brake release: MBDN-055-GLSF
  • Flushing: MFLN-150-RFSR | MFLN-300-RFSR | MFLN-500-RFSR
  • Single acting, brake release: MBSN-060-ZMSF
  • Dual acting, brake release: MBDN-060-ALSF | MBDN-060-ZMSF | MBDN-060-ZMNR | MBDN-060-ABSF | MBDN-060-LMSF | MBDN-060-AMSF | MBDN-060-AMSR | MBDN-100-AMSR | MBDN-150-AMSR | MBDN-300-AMSR | MBDN-320-AMSR
  • Single acting for winches, pilot assisted: MBSN-100-ZMSF
  • Single acting for winches, brake release: MBSN-250-AMSF | MBSN-300-AMSF
  • Double acting for winches, brake release: MBDN-500-AMSF

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