B & C Hydraulics Tandem Gear Pumps


Multiple / tandem pumps can be composed by assembling single pumps with appropriate intermediate kits. The front pump can have any type of flange and gear, while the secondary pump has the tapered shaft 1:8.

Multiple pumps can be combined using any of the available pump groups and sizes – the only limitation being that the group or size of the rear pump must be less or equal to the proceeding pump’s group and size. Multiple pumps are available as:

  • Short tandem (TC type, standard) where each stage is linked, but with reduced dimensions
  • Long tandem (TL type) where the stages of each pumps are independent to allow the use of different fluids

For Group 1 and Group 2 tandem pumps, it is possible to have only one suction port. Each gear is designed to tow a rear pump.

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