Bondioli & Pavesi HPA HMA Axial Piston Pumps


Bondioli & Pavesi HPA and HMA pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps for use in open circuits.

A number of control logic options are available: hydraulic load sensing, electronic load sensing, constant pressure, and for certain applications, constant power. All pumps can be equipped with pressure sensors and with swash plate angle sensors.

Tandem and multiple pump units can be created by using flanges to couple these pumps with other axial piston pumps and gear pumps.

HPA and HMA pumps have pressures up to 350 bar, and are available in 5 different group sizes with displacements from 10.1 cc/rev to 90 cc/rev. Single pumps are coded as follows: HPA0 | HPA2 | HPA3 | HPA4 | HPA6.

Dual flow pumps have displacements from 12 cc/rev to 34 cc/rev with pressures up to 350 bar: HPAD1 | HPAD2 | HPAD3.

Download the Bondioli & Pavesi HPA HMA Technical Catalogues: HMA0HMA2HPA3HPA4HPA6 >>>

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