Bosch Rexroth WEH Directional Spool Valve


Bosch Rexroth WEH WH pilot operated directional spool valves have electro-actuation – while type WH have hydraulic actuation. They control the start, stop and direction of flow. Directional spool valves connect or isolate the connections by moving a control spool in a housing bore.

The valves are available in sizes: 10 | 16 | 25 (WEH22) | 25 (WEH25) | 32. The valves have a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar and a maximum flow of 1100 litres/minute.

Other features of the Bosch Rexroth WEH spool valves include:

  • Types of actuation (internal or external pilot control): WEH electro-hydraulic | WH hydraulic
  • Component series 4X | 7X | 6X
  • Types of actuation (internal or external pilot control): Electro-hydraulic (type WEH)
  • For subplate mounting;
  •  ISO 4401 porting pattern;
  • 4/3-, 4/2- or 3/2-way version
  • Spring or pressure centring, spring end position or hydraulic end position
  • Wet-pin DC or AC solenoids, optional
  • Electric connection as single or central connection
  • Additional options:
    • manual override;
    • switching time adjustment;
    • pre-load valve in channel P of the main valve;
    • stroke setting and/or spool position monitoring.

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