Bucher AP Gear Pumps


The Bucher AP gear pumps series comprises single pumps 05-100-212-212HP-250HP-300-312HP (corresponding with the common group denominations: 05-1-2-2.5-3) and several combinations of double pumps, triple pumps, and so on. They can be assembled together according to versions of displacement, flanging, and auxiliary valves.

Across the series, displacements range from 0.25 cc/rev to 93 cc/rev. Operating pressures range from 190 bar to 300 bar, peak pressures range from 230 bar to 320 bar. Minimum speed is 500 rpm and maximum speeds range from 3000 rpm to 7000 rpm.

Features and benefits include:

  • high overall efficiency as a result of optimised hydraulic compensation;
  • long life service;
  • options for dedicated front covers to improve mechanical and life performances in case of radial/axial loads;
  • options for dedicated back covers with integrated circuits to control pressure and flow.

Download the Bucher AP series technical catalogues here:  AP05 | AP100 | AP212 | AP300 | AP212HP | AP250HP | AP312HP

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