Bucher Hydraulics Pumps

Bucher Hydraulics pumps – single, tandem and multiple pumps, internal and external gear pumps and axial piston pumps for mobile and industrial applications

The range comprises:

  • AP Series external gear pumps | Single unidirectional and reversible pumps in aluminium and cast iron versions and double and triple unidirectional pumps. Available with integral flow or pressure control valve and outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads: AP05 | APR05 | AP100 | AP212 | APR212 | AP300 | AP212HP | APR212HP | AP250HP | AP312HP
  • QX Series high pressure internal gear pumps | The 5th generation of Bucher internal gear pumps with tandem and multiple pumps available: QX2 | QX3 | QX4 | QX5 | QX6 | QX8
  • QXEH Series internal gear pumps | Single-stage pumps for both constant and variable speeds – positioned between pressure ranges 2 and 3 of the QX series internal gear pumps. The QXEH is also available as double pump: QXEH32 | QXEH42 | QXEH52 | QXEH62 | QXEH82
  • QXV Series internal gear pumps | For low viscosity fluids. This Bucher hydraulic pump can develop pressures of up to 250 bar with high efficiency at viscosities of around 1 mm²/s.
  • QXP Series internal gear pumps | For precision metering with very low pulsations, even at high pressures.
  • QXM Series internal gear unit | The QXM drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor: QXM2 | QXM3 | QXM4 | QXM5 | QXM6 | QXM8
  • QXEM Series internal gear unit | For motor/pump function. Single stage motors for constant and variable speeds with a compact, non-compensated design: QXEM2 | QXEM3 | QXEM4 | QXEM5 | QXEM6 | QXEM8
  • AX Axial Piston Pump | These Bucher pumps have no minimum speed and are ideally suited for variable-speed electric drives.

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options or if you cannot see the Bucher Hydraulics pumps that you need listed – we’ll be delighted to help!